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Translation status currently not updated

Dear translators,

The code updating the translation pages is currently not operational, please consider one of the following workarounds

1. For news items you can look at thenews page and see what articles are still in the original.

2. For non-news articles you can utilise the site search and find pages showing the translation warning.

If you are a coder...

... and want to try fixing the translation log code, here is some hints:

The old build script generated a file named translations.log. This file was processed into the translation status page by a script in I do not know what form the translations.log file was in, however the old build script is still available under It may be easyer to figure out the format from reading though.

It should be possible to generate a translation.log file in the new script as well: The outdating decision is done in `build/` (look for 'outdated='). Logging and output functions are provided in `` and ``. Note that no single build run will process all outdated files. Output will only be generated when a file _becomes_ outdated.

Sincerely, your webmaster